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I need a DJ for my wedding and I'm on a budget, What is the normal price for a DJ?
"We know that every bride has a budget for their wedding. Here's a rule of thumb to follow: the wedding industry says that a bride usually makes photography the top investment, and wedding entertainment is second. Here's why: you would never book a bad photographer because they capture the memories. The same rule applies for the entertainment because they create the lifetime of memories. One last tip: anyone can "Play Music" but it takes a professional DJ to make your wedding go smooth and make your guests talk about it for years to come.

Do your DJ's and Emcee's take breaks during the wedding?
Absolutely not! You invested in our firm to make sure that from the time your first guest arrives until the last song of the night is played. We are there for you. Our DJ's and Emcee's dress formal in a suit and tie and are ready perform at least 30 minutes prior to your start time.

Do you charge for setup and teardown?
No, setup and teardown are FREE. We arrive several hours in advance to setup and make sure the sound levels, lighting, and all multimedia are set and ready.

If I setup a Free Consultation with you, will you pressure me to sign up with your company? Absolutely not! Our free wedding consultations are hassle free and we sit down with you to learn about your wedding. We want to know if we are the right firm for you, every time we visit with a client, we learn every detail from your wedding colors to your theme, or maybe a special engagement location. We then take all the information and design a proposal to meet your needs. It is your wedding, we just make your dreams become reality.

Can you meet me after work or is it only during certain hours?
We meet brides and grooms at all different hours, we understand your lifestyle is very busy, so we work around it to make it convenient for you. We can meet usually any day except for Saturdays, that's when are team is performing at weddings. We can schedule appointments for you to drop by our complex and look at all of the different services we offer or if it's more convenient, we can meet you at a more suitable location. We can meet during the week and even on Sundays if needed, and yes, even during the evenings as well.

Can we make a request list and make sure the DJ doesn't play certain songs?
Yes! Even better, when you setup your account with us you'll have full access to our "Music Database" which allows you to browse from our extensive catalog of thousands of great songs. You will have 3 options: Must Play, Play If Possible, and even Do Not Play.

Do you help out with the planning of the announcements?
That's what we love to do. MS Event Group really does take the headache of out of planning your wedding. We make it so easy. When you setup your account with us we give you full access to our website and explain how to customize your wedding to meet your needs. You may even save your work and go back to continue working on it up until seven days prior to your wedding.

How does uplighting enhance my wedding?
Great Question! Uplighting really does bring out the "WOW FACTOR" to any wedding. Our lighting technician has years of experience in making uplighting give the room a "glow effect". We can customize it to your wedding colors and even change colors of the entire room throughout the evening. Uplighting can make any venue, room, or tent totally transform into a dream illusion. We use the lighting for walls, columns, tents, tables, and more.

How much will I need to put down to reserve my wedding date?
MS Event Group requires 50% down and a signed contract to reserve your date. All deposits are non-refundable.

Do you offer testimonials on your work?
Sure, just contact us and we'll be happy to email you a list of brides and grooms who will share their experience. You can also find pictures and videos on Facebook here.

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